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    Browse your options and choose the package that fits your needs. We offer 4 comprehensive packages at all different price points.

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    Once you complete your purchase, you will fill out your intake forms via email and schedule your first call with Briana at a time that works best for you. We will go over details and get you ready to start your nutrition/protocols.

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    If your package came with a functional lab, you will take your samples in the comfort of your home and send them in. Once we receive the results, we will review them together and create a customized protocol for rebalancing.

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  • "Let’s embark on this wellness journey together."

    As the founder of BeWellByBri, I created this practice to encourage you to become the best, most vibrant version of yourself through the power of nutrition and functional medicine. With our 1-1 custom programs, we'll work together to cover areas such as hormones, gut health, thyroid function, and nutritional imbalances. We'll utilize comprehensive lab testing to develop a personalized protocol that suits your unique lifestyle.

    Meet Briana 
  • Allie

    "The last 9 months, I've been working with Bri and can confidently say I've never felt stronger - not just physically, but mentally. I worked with three other coaches/nutritionists previously, but never felt really seen and supported the way Bri has been for me. Not once did I feel judged or shame for where I started.

    She helped me believe in myself because she believed in me. Bri always met me where I was at, while still pushing me to meet my goals. The practicality of her programming has given me the hope to actually see what living intuitively really means."

  • Shulie

    "Working with Brianna was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only does she individualize your program based, she also invests a lot of time and is very patient with the whole process. I’ve felt so supported having her by my side through this weight loss journey. She continues to give me the confidence to continue on this journey. I highly recommend hiring Brianna as your coach. It's a true investment in yourself and so worth it."

  • Molly

    "I did a hormone test with Briana. Between that and the consult and the recommended protocol, my life improved dramatically. It was Impactful."

  • Jacqueline

    "I have been working with Bri for the better half of a year. The amount she has taught me and coached me through with taking full control of my health in that time will save me a lifetime of yoyo dieting, gut issues, and doctor visits. What she teaches through her coaching program is permanent and will change the way you view the world in the best and healthiest way. This has been the best investment in myself I could have ever made!"

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